Hi! My name is Tudor Chamberlain Jones and for the past two years I've been making a good living running several on and offline businesess 

But this wasn't always the case. For years I had worked a minimum wage job and couldn't seem to get out of the rut of the dead end job I was working at.

when I met my wife I came to realise that the job couldn't support the lifestyle that I wanted or needed.. I was broke. Everytime I had to pay for the weekly shop I would tense up. Anger and frustration followed having to put my hand in my pocket as I did not have enough to cover my bills. 

I knew I had to make a change. It was either live my life broke and an endless cycle of anger and frustration..or completely change who I was and how I lived.

So I got interested.. and in the process I became interesting. I became completely obsessed with making money. I setup a gardening business as a side gig and now manage a team of gardeners all year 'round. 

I didn't stop there, I created several other brick and mortar businesess before turning my attention to online marketing. I have built several streams of income. I now have the financial freedom to live the lifestyle I want..

And now I wish to pass on my knowledge to you.. so you can live the life that you've always dreamed of.

This blog is all about pointing you in the right direction so you can realize your dreams.

Much love and all the best